Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is fun, but like with many fun activities, too much can become harmful. One huge step we take here at to keep your betting activity safe and fun, is that none of our battles or bets require you to pay money. The prizes are sponsored, the entry is free, because real betting does not need money. As a second step, we only allow adults of the age of 18+ to become a Bet Heroes member.

What is problematic gambling?

This is how the "International Classification of Diseases" ICD 10 describes Pathological Gambling:

"A disorder characterized by a preoccupation with gambling and the excitement that gambling with increasing risk provides. Pathological gamblers are unable to cut back on their gambling, despite the fact that it may lead them to lie, steal, or lose a significant relationship, job, or educational opportunity.

Many people enjoy gambling, whether its betting on a horse or playing poker on the internet. Most people who gamble dont have a problem, but some lose control of their gambling. Signs of problem gambling include

  • always thinking about gambling
  • lying about gambling
  • spending work or family time gambling
  • feeling bad after you gamble, but not quitting
  • gambling with money you need for other things"


Further information and helplines

If you think you or someone close to you may have a problem with gambling, you can find more information, self-tests and free advice and support on these websites: