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Welcome to

We are a virtual and social training and information platform which allows sports and betting enthusiasts to place bets on real time events with real bookmakers` odds – totally free of charge.


Status Points and Ranking

Some of our special features include status points and ranking..

On, our users are categorized by different statuses which are made up of the so- called Status Points. That being said, Status Points are the most important "currency" as they determine your rank and overall performance..

First and foremost, each user receives Status Points by winning bets. But watch out: if you lose bets, you will also lose Status Points which will lead to a fall in your overall status. Want to find out more about Status Points and how they work? Simply visit ours FAQ section for more information.

Newly registered users start off as rookies. In order to move up to the next status users need to “earn” enough Status Points. Our ranking at is defined according to the following point system:




Bet slip

Once you have selected your events, the bet slip offers you several options on how to proceed: If a user is uncertain about a betting decision and simply does not want to damage or risk one`s status, a training bet may be placed instead of a regular bet. By playing a training bet users do not use any Status Points but play with SpotCoins instead. In other words, you cannot win or lose any Status Points. In addition, training bets are only for yourself and are not visible to other users on the platform.

Saving Information

If you have doubt about placing a bet, you have the option to save it instead. This feature can be found not only in your profile but also in the SpotBox where the odds at the time of its saving as well as its current odds are displayed. You are interested in demonstrating the bet slip to your community on No problem! The bet slip provides you with the option to share it to your friends, followers and spotters.

Offering a Prophecy

It is also possible to offer your bet slip as a so-called prophecy to other users. Simply click on “Offer Prophecy” and you have the opportunity to “sell” your bet slip in our marketplace. All prophecies offered in the marketplace may be “bought” with Spot Token. The amount for which you can sell your prophecy all depends on your status.

Multiplying a Bet slip

To simplify placing bets on, we created another useful feature for our users: the multiplier. As soon as a user makes a selection and adds his or her choices to the bet slip they may take advantage of the multiplier. That being said, it is not necessary to place a bet over and over again in order to reach the desired amount of placed bets, instead the user may simply indicate in the multiplier how many times he or she wants to place that bet slip. Status Points and SpotCoins will automatically be multiplied by the number of bets a user places.


Challenges offers weekly challenges that users may participate in and demonstrate their skills as well as compete with one another. By winning a challenge, various prizes may be obtained such as earning additional Status Points. You have no clue where to find our challenges or how to participate in one? The challenge section can be found in our main menu tab at the top of the page. There, you see current, upcoming as well as already finished challenges. In addition, each user has the option to view which challenges he or she has already participated in in the past. To join a challenge, simply visit the “Challenges” tab and click on the “Join” button.

As to how to win a challenge, a user needs to play according to the given rules and regulations. In addition, one needs to place as many bets as possible before the challenge ends at the end of the week. The user with the highest number of Status Points wins the overall challenge.



Virtual Currency

SpotCoins are the virtual currency which allows users to place bets on On the other hand, SpotToken is a currency which will have real money value in the future. This currency will be useful to spot other users or to buy prophecies in the marketplace.

In this first version of, users have the option to easily deposit SpotCoins and Spot Token totally free of charge into your account. To do this, you simply need to verify your account in the setting section and click on “deposit” to start the pay-in process.



In this section, we are presenting to you potential “Spots”. As for now, these are mainly events where odds have significantly changed over a certain period of time and, therefore, could be interesting to observe.

In the future, we will gradually provide more types of spots, such as the BTTS bot which uses a small algorithm to recommend "both teams to score" events.



As a user, you have the opportunity to build and expand your community on For one, you can connect with friends and followers by sharing predictions and various types of information with each other.

In addition, there are also the so-called spotters who can “spot” other users by paying Spot Token. How much a single user “costs” depends on his or her status. “Spotting” includes a 30-day subscription where prophecies can be received for free.



The SpotBox gives you a quick overview of your "saved information", "bought prophecies" and events you put on your "Watchlist". You can directly place and share your bet slips as well as put those important to you into your dashboard so you don’t forget to place them later.

Our "Watchlist" is a category in the SpotBox which allows you to add events which you may find interesting. In the event list, simply click on the "clock" icon on the left of that particular event (right on mobile) and it will automatically appear in the “Upcoming” section of your Watchlist.