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The world’s first free-to-play social and informational training platform for virtual betting with real odds.
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Real Events, Real Odds
On Bet Heroes you find all your favourite sport matches and events from all around the world. More so, all these events have real-time odds as well as comprehensive statistics at hand.
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Virtual Coins
Our platform is completely free-to-play. There will be no situation at which we ask you to pay for anything. Instead, you can play all events with a virtual currency: Spot Coins.
More Information in the Currency FAQ
Bet Slip
Once you selected events that you want to play in the event section, those events are shown in your bet slip. Here you have all the important information at glance: your selection of events, the odds for each event and the total odds of the bet slip as a whole. Most importantly, you can set the amount of Spot Coins you want to place and find your possible payout.
More Information in the Bet Slip FAQ
Status Points & Ranking
To find out how good a players is, take a look at the user rank. On Bet Heroes players can obtain seven different ranks, starting out as Rookie. By gaining more and more Status Points you rank up.
Status Points are an indicator of how good your played bets are. You can adjust the amount of Status Points of a bet in the same way as you adjust the number of Spot Coins you place on a bet. However, you are not able to set the Status Points below a certain threshold based on a formula we developed. You can still set the Status Points you want to place to zero.
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Compete against others, proof your skill in our unique challenges by climbing up the rankings and winning big! Choose your favourite type of challenge from the challenge section: challenges differ in terms of featured events, duration, virtual currency and - of course - prizes.
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Elevate your betting experience and connect with other players on the platform. Befriend, follow and subscribe to other bettors, so that you can share and discuss bets and events. Even more, you gain insights into their style of play with the help of the user profile.
Find other Tipsters in the Ranking Section
The sheer amount of events on the platform can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming when you try to find the perfect combination of events and odds. Therefore, we developed the Spots section. Here you will find suggested events based on finely crafted algorithms for different bet types. Take a look at let it inspire you!
Find current events in the Spots Section
Never loose track over your bets again! Save your favourite events, bet slips and predictions to your very own Spot Box. Give it a try, it’s incredibly simple.
Are you looking for the extra spice? Do you want to make progress where others fail? Challenge yourself with our Missions and earn special badges and achievements for completing numerous tasks.